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Club 1872 - One Rangers

Our Vision


Our vision is a completely independent body which looks to preserve and defend the interests of the supporters of Rangers Football Club and places the supporters right at the centre of everything Rangers does.


Club 1872 sees the existing fan groups uniting to give Rangers supporters in general more clout and allowing us to benefit from economies of scale, both financially and in terms of voice. Together we are much stronger.


Simply by uniting, Club 1872 already holds over 5% of the shares in Rangers with 10% a very realistic short term goal.

Financial Strategy

By appealing to Rangers diverse and worldwide supporter base, Club 1872 will have the capability to attract more members than an individual fan group and in turn will generate substantial funds which will be invested into shares or Club 1872 projects – completely of the Club 1872 members’ choosing.

The Fans

Club 1872 will create and encourage community, family, engagement and support. Support for ideas, a forum for discussion and moreover support for Rangers supporters and their reputation in the press and beyond.

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