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Club 1872 - One Rangers


One of the central aims of Club 1872 is to ensure that we hold a large enough shareholding in Rangers to guarantee that any major decisions about our club have to be approved by supporters.

Club 1872 already holds over 10% of the shares in RIFC PLC. We are now aiming to reach 25% plus one share. The benefits of achieving each of the following levels include:

5% – provides the right to call General Meetings of RIFC and circulate a written statement.

10% – Shares cannot be compulsorily acquired following an offer for RIFC.

25% plus one – Special Resolutions cannot be passed without agreement

Club 1872 is currently the 2nd largest shareholder in Rangers International Football Club PLC.

More information for investors in RIFC PLC can be found on the Rangers website here.

The Club 1872 shares in RIFC are asset locked. These shares are under the control of the Club 1872 contributors and their elected board and additional shares acquired by Club 1872 and/or transferred to it are also held in this way.

Current shareholding
Number of shares held

Main Shareholders

New Oasis Asset Limited
Club 1872
George Alexander Taylor
Alexander Easdale
Douglas Park
River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP
George Letham
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