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Account Issues

I am having trouble logging into my account or changing my payment. +

Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues logging in to your account or updating your payments.


Why are there different donation levels? +

We felt it was important to make Club 1872 affordable to all Rangers supporters. We would encourage people to pay as much as they can afford.


Do projects mean we give something away for nothing to the club? +

That will not be the case. CIC rules mean that there must be benefit to the Rangers community from every project undertaken by Club 1872. Projects must be beneficial to the support and will hopefully also benefit our Club.

Membership Targets

How many members are Club 1872 looking to get? +

We think that 50,000 members is an achievable target. There are hundreds of thousands of Rangers fans across the globe. Club 1872 has the potential to reach a large number of them.

Fan Ownership

Why is there a limit of 25% +1 set as the top level of fan ownership? +

There isn’t. Club 1872 will be a member led organisation and the members will decide what the upper limit of the shareholding will be.

25% +1 is a sensible target to enable the organisation to block any special resolution they do not agree with. If members decide to go beyond that in the future they can.

What % shares does Club 1872 own in RIFC? +

Club 1872 owns 10.7% of the shares in RIFC. This makes us the second largest shareholder.


How will Club 1872 elections work? +

The Club 1872 board is elected on the basis of one member, one vote. Elections will take place annually.

How many people are elected to the board? +

The first election took place in September 2016 and 7 board members were elected. Should the Club 1872 membership wish to amend this in the future they can.

Will there be term limits for those serving on the Club 1872 board? +

This will be for members to determine.

Are Club 1872 board votes overseen by an independent body? +

Supporters Direct Scotland oversees the Club 1872 board elections.

RSCs and Season Ticket Holders

Is Club 1872 going to represent season ticket holders? +

Club 1872 will represent those season ticket holders who join Club 1872. We hope that will be a significant number and would encourage all season ticket holders to join.

If I choose not to join Club 1872 will my rights as a supporter / season ticket holder be affected? +

No. Nothing will change. Your rights as a supporter / season ticket holder will remain as they currently are.

I am a member of a registered Rangers Supporters Club. Does my RSC have to join Club 1872? +

Whilst we would encourage all RSCs to join Club 1872, there is no compulsion to do so.

If my RSC does not join Club 1872 will our match ticket allocation be affected? +

No. Nothing will change. Your rights, including match ticket allocations as a registered RSC, will remain as they currently are.

If my RSC does join Club 1872 will I have a vote in elections? +

Your RSC (as a collective) will have a vote. We would also encourage you to join as an individual supporter whereupon you will also have an individual vote in elections.

RST/RF Contributions

I was a contributor to both RF and RST – how does this affect me? +

It does not affect you at all. As long as you continue to make a monthly contribution to one or other (or both) you will be a member of Club 1872. All you have to do is create a profile on this website via the Join Us page.

Is my life membership of RF/RST still valid? +

Yes. You will automatically be a life member of Club 1872.

I have a life membership in both RF and RST – what does this mean for me? +

You will automatically be a life member of Club 1872.

I was an RST annual member and I am still having my £10 annual RST membership payment taken each year. What should I do? +

RST annual membership payments are recurring payments taken once a year on or around the date you joined the RST. These payments alone do not entitle you to membership of Club 1872. You had to also be making a monthly contribution to Buy Rangers in order to be automatically moved across to Club 1872. All of this was communicated to RST members at the time of the merger between RF and the RST.

These payments are used to pay the minimal running costs that the RST has until it is formally wound up. These include yearly audit costs and any relevant filing costs. Once the RST is formally wound up these payments will no longer be taken - this process is underway. The surplus of these payments will be donated to Club 1872 and used for shares, projects and the administration of Club 1872.

Should any RST member wish to cancel their annual recurring payments in the meantime they can do so by contacting Club 1872 at [email protected] or contacting their bank and cancelling the direct debit.

RST members who have already joined Club 1872 but have not cancelled their annual RST membership payment can also do so by emailing or cancelling their annual direct debit with their bank. They should be careful not to accidentally cancel their monthly Club 1872 donation however and we would recommend contacting Club 1872 in the first instance if they are in any doubt.


Is Club 1872 independent? +

Club 1872 is independent from everyone but its members, who will make all of its key decisions.

The community interest companies which are at the heart of its structure have been set up for the benefit of the community of Rangers Supporters and Rangers Football Club.

We will work with the Boards of the companies which own our Club and with other shareholders, so long as our members are satisfied that they have Rangers Football Club's interests at heart.

Club 1872's directors will be subject to annual election to ensure they are accountable to members and to allow members to control how Club 1872 is run.

Will Rangers decide what projects Club 1872 is able to provide? +

No, with Club 1872 it will always be the members who decide. We will work with the Boards and employees of the corporate vehicles that own Rangers to create and develop projects and also ask our members to put forward their proposals. It will be the members of Club 1872 who decide which projects are undertaken on a one member one vote basis.

Does Rangers Football Club support Club 1872? +

Yes, RFC has made it clear that it will offer every support it can. Because the company that is the parent company of the Rangers group is listed, it is legally prohibited from offering financial support but there are many other ways in which it can co-operate and assist and positive discussions in this regard have already been held.


Can anyone enter the Experience draws? +

From time to time Club 1872 Ltd will be offered experiences which can be made available through our website to members or applied for by writing to the company's registered office with details of your name,address, email address and age. A separate application needs to be made for each item which is made available and applications must be received within any applicable time limit.


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