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Club 1872 - One Rangers

Where your money goes

Club 1872 consists of a mix of community interest companies and limited companies where all of the assets of Club 1872 are ring fenced and protected to be preserved for its members through the generations.

Funds raised through Club 1872 are spent as determined by its members and according to the constitution. Any alteration to this principle requires the agreement of 75% of the voting members.

By default, funds contributed will be split as below:

47.5% – to purchase shares in RIFC. In coming years it is envisaged that these purchases will be made through share issues meaning that Club 1872 will contribute funds directly into Rangers. This will help to maintain or grow our shareholding but will also mean the funds raised are used to improve the fortunes of our football club.

47.5% – Club 1872 projects identified by contributors following a vote. It should be noted that this includes the option of the funds being allocated to purchase shares if that is what the membership decide. Setting funds aside in this way gives the members more flexibility to decide how they are spent. It is not envisaged that these funds would be provided to Rangers for general working capital purposes but rather they would be provided for defined purposes laid out and voted on by the members. The use of these funds would be subject to members’ vote at all times.

5% – This covers Club 1872 administration costs including our admin assistant wages, office rent and supplies, advertising and hospitality tickets which are offered as Club 1872 experiences.

The board of Club 1872 will oversee this spending and provide a full breakdown to members on an annual basis. Over time and with growth in numbers it is hoped that the 5% set aside for administration can gradually be reduced.

Note: Members can amend the portion of their own contribution which is spent on shares or Club 1872 projects. They can do this through their profile on this website or during the sign up process and can opt to have their full contribution (minus the 5% administration costs) spent either only on shares or only on projects.

Club 1872 also pays for sponsorship of the Rangers manager and 4 season tickets which are provided to Erskine Hospital veterans. These items are paid for through our Rangers Lotto agency commission and not taken from funds donated by members.