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Club 1872 - One Rangers

Phase Two

The main aims of Phase Two of the Club 1872 Legacy Campaign are as follows:

  1. Achieve and maintain at least a 25%+1 shareholding in Rangers International Football Club Plc. 
  2. Seek opportunities, in dialogue with Rangers, to inject further funds into the club through share issues and Club 1872 Projects.
  3. Secure a representative on the RIFC Board in line with our members’ wishes as expressed through the poll on the subject. Club 1872 will seek a representative who will not only represent Club 1872 but will also contribute valuable skills and experience to the RIFC Board. 

Once Phase One is complete we will move on to Phase Two of our legacy campaign. Dependent on any dilution which may have occurred during the term of the agreement, our first priority will be to take the Club 1872 shareholding over 25%. We will seek to do this by asking RIFC to issue further shares to us but if, for any reason, they do not do so then we will seek to purchase these shares off the market as quickly as possible.


Once we reach 25% +1, we will immediately carry out a major Club 1872 member poll to decide on the future direction of the organisation. This will include options to increase the shareholding further, ensure funds are raised to maintain the shareholding in any future share issues and to examine the viability of larger Club 1872 projects to benefit the Rangers community.

As always, Club 1872’s direction and priorities will be set by our members.