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Club 1872 is an organisation with one clear and common purpose for all those who hold Rangers dear – to rebuild, maintain and protect the club that supporters across the world love.

Club 1872 exists to ensure Rangers supporters will never again be forced to endure the events which saw our club demoted to the bottom tier of Scottish football. More than that, we want the Rangers supporters to play a central role in once again making Rangers a proud name in both domestic and European football.

Working together through Club 1872, tens of thousands of Rangers supporters can act as one of the major investors in our club. It is not about a few supporters contributing a lot but all of us contributing a little.

Fifty thousand of us making the minimum donation of £5 per month would see £3m each year go into Rangers in the form of share issue investment and supporter led projects. The only limit to what Club 1872 can achieve is the number of Rangers supporters who take part.

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The competition will close on 10th December at midnight. The winner will be selected at random by @Fantastic_1Fan from everyone signed up at the close of the competition.

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Help us rebuild and protect Rangers Football Club. Whether you are a member of Club 1872 or not, you can make a one-off donation to support our work.Donate