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Never Again

Club 1872 is an organisation with one clear and common purpose for all those who hold Rangers dear – to maintain and protect Rangers Football Club.

Club 1872 exists to ensure Rangers supporters will never again be forced to endure the events which saw our club demoted to the bottom tier of Scottish football.

In advance of the 150th anniversary of Rangers Football Club, Club 1872 and the Rangers support has the opportunity to reach 25% ownership and become the largest single shareholder in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) Plc.

Former Rangers Chairman, Dave King, has agreed to sell his entire shareholding in RIFC to Club 1872 which, when the sale is completed, will make Club 1872 the largest single shareholder in RIFC. Our legacy campaign aims to create over 20,000 legacy members of Club 1872, each of whom will have a lifetime vote on those shares and be charged with the care of Rangers Football Club in their lifetime.


We know how much supporters already contribute to Rangers and how difficult it may be for many to do more. However, we firmly believe that this is the most important contribution that any Rangers supporter will ever make to Rangers.

The only limit to what Club 1872 can achieve is the number of Rangers supporters who take part.

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One-off Donation

Help us rebuild and protect Rangers Football Club. Whether you are a member of Club 1872 or not, you can make a one-off donation to support our work.