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Club 1872 Legacy

In 2012, Rangers Football Club was nearly destroyed by the actions of those charged with its care. Since 2016, it has been the long term aim of Club 1872 to ensure that can never happen again and to place the wider body of Rangers supporters at the centre of our club’s ownership – working in tandem with other shareholders and the Rangers Board to ensure that the well being of the club is placed at the heart of all major decisions.

Our legacy campaign aims to create thousands of legacy members of Club 1872, each of whom will have a lifetime vote on those shares and be charged with the care of Rangers Football Club in their lifetime.

We know how much supporters already contribute to Rangers and how difficult it may be for many to do more. However, we firmly believe that this is the most important contribution that any Rangers supporter will ever make to Rangers.

We are asking supporters to make a £500 donation either as a one-off or over ten or twenty five months. This donation will be marked with a legacy certificate and legacy membership of Club 1872 – ensuring that all legacy contributors will retain a vote on all major decisions about Rangers International Football Club Plc in their lifetime.


It has been a long term goal of Club 1872 to reach 25% ownership of RIFC. A 25% shareholding means an effective veto over any major decision about your club. With Club 1872 holding a 25% shareholding, no board or shareholder will ever be able to make major decisions about Rangers again without the agreement of Rangers supporters – placing Rangers safe in the hands of our supporters for generations to come.

Please read our extensive FAQ page to understand the aims of our campaign, why you should make a Club 1872 legacy donation today and what happens once we reach 25%.