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Club 1872 - One Rangers

Our Vision

Club 1872 seeks to give our Contributors a meaningful say in Rangers Football Club by increasing their collective shareholding. 

The organisation is a responsible, independent and democratic representation of our members and will defend and protect the reputation, history, assets and existence of Rangers Football Club. In the spirit of the Founding Fathers, Club 1872 will pursue this undertaking above all else.


With over 5% of the shares, Club 1872 is the 6th largest shareholder in Rangers International Football Club PLC and we are continually looking to increase our shareholding.

A central aim of Club 1872 is to increase the collective supporter shareholding in Rangers International Football Club PLC to a minimum of 25%. This will ensure no major decisions about Rangers can be taken without agreement from Rangers supporters.


Through Club 1872, Rangers supporters can benefit from strength in numbers, both financially and in terms of our voice being heard. Club 1872 is the only means for Rangers supporters to ensure that they retain a strong voice in the future of Rangers Football Club whilst contributing positively and regularly to its financial future.