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Club 1872 - One Rangers

Terms & Conditions

When you donate to Club 1872 you can choose whether your donations are used to support projects or to acquire shares in Rangers International Football Club PLC (the parent company of the company that owns Rangers Football Club).

You will do so when creating your profile. If you don’t specify a choice, your donation will be split evenly between projects and shares.

Donations are collected by Rangers First 2014 Community Interest Company and will then be distributed as follows:

  • 5% will be paid to Club 1872 Limited to meet administrative and marketing expenses
  • All amounts allocated to shares will be retained by Rangers First 2014 Community Interest Company
  • All amounts allocated to projects will be paid to the Community Interest Company established for that purpose.

Payments will be distributed monthly.

In respect of payments to Club 1872 Limited and the Projects CIC, Rangers First 2014 Community Interest Company is acting as collection agent only.

All future donations from persons signing up from Rangers First and the Rangers Supporters Trust will, after deduction of the expenses to be paid to Club 1872 Limited, be split 50:50 between shares and projects unless the person signing up indicates a contrary preference when completing their profile.