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Club 1872 - One Rangers

How can you help?

Club 1872 is only as strong as the Rangers supporters want it to be. Very few individual supporters are in the position to personally contribute the millions of pounds that are required to build a significant shareholding in Rangers. Together, however, we can all make a small contribution that will make a huge difference.

The last generation of Rangers supporters funded the redevelopment of the finest football stadium in Scotland, our home – Ibrox. It made us the envy of football clubs the world over. The financial landscape of European football has changed completely since then but this generation can be the one that places the supporters at the centre of all major decisions about Rangers Football Club. Collectively, we can take our place alongside the other major investors currently funding the club and take our share of the responsibility.

We know the huge financial contribution that Rangers supporters already make to the club through the purchase of tickets, merchandise, travel to games and many other avenues. But, if we want to ensure that the events of 2012 can never happen again, it is going to take a little bit extra from every single one of us. Club 1872 exists solely to assist Rangers Football Club, and in doing so will place Rangers supporters at the heart of the major decisions taken about our club in the years to come.

Not a contributor?

Join Us

If you are not yet a member of Club 1872 then the best thing you can do to help is join us. We have the potential, together, to make a huge difference to the success of Rangers Football Club.

Our legacy campaign aims to create as many legacy members of Club 1872 as we can, all of whom will retain a lifetime say in the key decisions of Club 1872 and the way in which the shares held by Club 1872 in Rangers are voted.


Already a contributor?

If you are already a contributor of Club 1872 then there are still several ways you can help us to grow the organisation.

Recruit Friends and Family

We are asking existing Club 1872 contributors to act as champions for us and recruit their friends and family to help us increase the contribution we can make to Rangers over the coming years.

If all of our existing contributors recruited just two people, Club 1872 would be transformed and would meet the targets of our legacy campaign within its first year.

Word of mouth is by far the best tool we have to grow Club 1872  but we need your help to do it. 

Switch to a legacy membership

Having launched our legacy campaign, we now hope that existing contributors will chose to switch their monthly contribution to a legacy donation if they are able. We greatly appreciate your current contribution and if you are not able to switch then that donation will continue to assist our legacy campaign fund-raising. However, if you are able to commit to a legacy donation as a one-off or over 10 or 25 months, then it will allow us to reach our goal much quicker.

Switching to a legacy donation will also be recognised with a legacy certificate and a lifetime vote on all key decisions of Club 1872 and every vote of the shares held in RIFC by Club 1872.

Existing contributors who have a direct subscription donation with Club 1872 can switch to a legacy membership by logging into their account and selecting Subscriptions > Change Donation and following the on screen instructions.

Existing contributors who currently donate to Club 1872 via a previous RST or RF subscription can log in to their account and choose Subscriptions > Add Subscription. Once you have set up your Legacy Donation you can then cancel your existing donation by contacting your bank or card provider or you can email   and we will cancel it for you.