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Club 1872 - One Rangers

Our Goals

Over the next three to four years, Club 1872 has a number of goals as the organisation aims to make the transition from being a shareholding fans group to one of the major, ongoing investors in Rangers Football Club.

  • Make significant, direct financial contributions to the financial health of Rangers Football Club through upcoming share issues.
  • Grow our shareholding in Rangers International Football Club Plc.
  • Gain more direct influence over decision making at Rangers Football Club through securing a place for Club 1872 on the RIFC Plc board.
  • Initiate significant, supporter driven projects (eg. safe standing).

Club 1872 is for every Rangers supporter. In order to achieve the goals above we need the tens of thousands of people who support Rangers to take part in Club 1872 at whatever level they can afford.

By joining Club 1872 you are taking a direct step that will improve the fortunes of Rangers Football Club. Club 1872 is the single best way for Rangers supporters to help Rangers whilst at the same time ensuring that fans will always have a voice to protect the club in the future.

Join us today and help supporters have a voice at Rangers FC