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Club 1872 Board Elections 2017

The Club 1872 companies are now accepting applications for the Club 1872 boards. The process will be overseen by Supporters Direct and Alasdair Morrison, former MSP and member of Lewis and Harris RSC.

We would welcome candidates who can commit the time and energy required to achieve the aims of Club 1872. The process, timetable and eligibility requirements are laid out below.

Candidates should note that on election they will be appointed to the undernoted companies.

Club 1872 Shares CIC, Club 1872 Projects CIC, Club 1872 Limited and Supporters Voice Limited.

Each company is separate and independent and candidates to become director must be willing to serve on each of the companies’ boards.


Applications should be completed on a Club 1872 Board Application form (download by clicking here) and e-mailed to Supporters Direct at  .

Candidates will also be required to sign and uphold a Directors’ Role document setting out the role to be performed by directors. This document will be provided to candidates on receipt of their application form.

Both forms should be printed, signed by the applicant and posted or hand delivered to:

Supporters Direct, c/o Club 1872,

Copland House 2.3,

Edmiston Drive,

Glasgow G51 2XF

Supporters Direct will acknowledge all applications by e-mail.

We will accept scanned copies of the documents prior to the application deadline as long as paper copies follow in a timely fashion.

If you are in any doubt or have any other questions, please contact  .

Timetable and Process

Applications for  board positions must be received no later than 5pm on 22nd October 2017.

There are 7 positions to be filled.

Candidates require 1 proposer and 1 seconder.

Proposer and seconder must be active, donating monthly members or life members of Club 1872.

Candidates must be either life members or have been donating monthly members for a continuous period of at least six months prior to the date of this notice.

Candidates will be vetted by Supporters Direct (Scotland).

Candidates must be capable of being appointed as a director of a company.

All information on the candidate’s application form must be factually accurate. Any candidate who is found to provide false information either on their application form or during the election process will be subject to removal from the process.

Candidates will be announced on 23rd October 2017 with the details contained in their application (excluding postal address details, email address and phone number) published on the Club 1872 website.

Between 26th October and 9th November there will be 3 public meetings / hustings.

Each candidate must attend at least 1 of these meetings to make themselves available to answer members’ questions. Attendance can be arranged via Skype if required.

Voting will open at 10am on 13th November and will close at midnight on 20th November.

Voting will be verified by Supporters Direct (Scotland).

Results will be announced by Wednesday 22nd November.

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