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Club 1872 Comment on SC Final Bans – Updated

Update – 

We are pleased to say that following our clarification yesterday of the reason for the bans given to supporters charged following the Scottish Cup Final (below) we have been in further dialogue with Rangers on the subject of season tickets held by those supporters.

Following the representations made by Club 1872, Rangers have agreed that any supporter who is found to be innocent of any wrong doing can have their season ticket reinstated and be refunded for the games they miss for the duration of their ban. This refund will only be processed in the event they are found not guilty and to compensate them for matches they have missed. Their season ticket will not be available for use for the duration of their ban but will be returned to them immediately in the event they are found innocent. If they are convicted of the alleged offences then they will not receive a refund and their season ticket will be revoked without refund.

We thank Rangers for taking the representations by Club 1872 into account and we are pleased to have been able to achieve a fair outcome to a difficult situation.

Club 1872 has received several enquiries from supporters regarding bans imposed by Rangers on fans charged with offences following the Scottish Cup Final. We contacted Rangers to seek clarification on why this action was taken, in some instances prior to an outcome to the cases.

Rangers informed us that it has always been their policy to introduce bans for those who are charged with serious offences occurring at matches involving the club. This policy is in line with the terms and conditions of season tickets issued to supporters and football authority and ground regulations.

It was also brought to our attention that both court bail and police bail following such charges routinely includes conditions which ban individuals from every ground in the UK until such time as their cases are heard. We do not have any details on the specific bail conditions in these cases but would expect them to largely follow suit. Rangers’ letter formalises their position on bans routinely imposed by the courts in these situations.

We have made it clear to Rangers that should any of the individuals involved be found not guilty then we would expect their bans to be reviewed and lifted and that we would assist such individuals in facilitating that review with Rangers in the event that they requested our assistance.

We hope this helps our members and the support in general to understand Rangers’ position on the matter and we thank them for their speedy response to our queries.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company

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