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Club 1872 Confirms £1m Investment for RIFC Share Issue

Club 1872 is delighted to announce that our investment in the upcoming RIFC share issue will be £1m. This represents another fantastic achievement for the thousands of Rangers supporters who contributed to this effort.

When Club 1872 spent £1m to purchase the shares of MASH Holdings in June 2017 it was a crucial step forward for the health of Rangers Football Club and a massive boost to supporter representation. For Club 1872 to have been able to follow that up so quickly with this massive investment, which will go directly into Rangers, is a huge credit to the commitment of our supporters and their loyalty to our football club.

Club 1872 Director Laura Fawkes said:

“A huge thank you to all our members for their regular donations and those in our membership and the wider support who made one-off donations towards our share issue campaign. These funds will not only put more shares into the hands of Rangers supporters but will go directly into the club to assist with the rebuilding process now underway under Steven Gerrard.”

“For Club 1872 to raise this level of funding purely through donations from around 7500 Rangers supporters shows the huge potential of the organisation. What we can achieve together will be determined solely by how many supporters take part. When we look at the number of supporters involved, we have only scratched the surface of the contribution that we can make to Rangers. We hope that investment into the club on this scale will show the thousands of supporters out there who have not yet joined us, that there are huge benefits of doing so.”

“Club 1872 is still a young organisation and we are learning all the time but there is no question that if our support acts together we can be a formidable force, not only in pushing our football club back to where it belongs but also in making sure that the the damaging events of the past can never be repeated.”

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