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Club 1872 Constitution Consultation

We attach for your review the proposed new constitution for the Club 1872 Companies. The constitution will now be the subject of consultation with members with a view to confirming its terms and placing them before the members to vote around the end of the month.

We invite thoughts and comments from members and for that purpose have established a new email address to which comments can be sent –  . We will also create focus groups and arrange and host meetings with members to hear your thoughts on the document and how we can use it to help deliver the growth and success for Club 1872 that we all believe is possible.

Club 1872 is separate from and independent of the various companies that own Rangers Football Club but the new constitution makes it clear that our purpose is to protect and promote Rangers Football Club and its supporters. Club 1872 will work co-operatively with the Club to promote its well being and success and to enhance the image and influence of Rangers’ supporters. We have placed these aspirations at the heart of the new constitution without limiting or restricting the rights of our donating members to take all key decisions concerning Club 1872 and how its votes are cast on all decisions placed before the members of Rangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC).

Schedule 2 of the new constitution sets out a list of key decisions which must be determined by members’ vote and we invite members to suggest any other decisions which should be added.

The new constitution reinforces the asset lock on Club 1872’s assets.We have added to this by requiring not just that full consideration must be paid before any transfer but that, in the case of any transfer of our shares in RIFC, there must first be a members’ vote and a 75% majority in favour. We do permit assets to be used for projects where members’ money has been donated for that purpose but all projects must first be approved by members’ vote.

Club 1872 will now host quarterly meetings for its members and we have added provisions to the constitution permitting members to call meetings on issues of concern to them. We have also sought to improve communication with and feedback from members and to harness members’ skills and abilities by enhancing the role of Working groups.

Club 1872 is a members’ group. It is not about electing a board who then decide on all of the matters that come before them. It is the members who make the key decisions for Club 1872 and it will work best when members are engaged and at the heart of its activities. We believe we need to increase the executive support for Club 1872 to enable it to grow further and reach out to new members and are looking at ways of obtaining such support without any initial cost to members.

We have learned from some of the more tricky issues which have confronted Club 1872 this year and the new constitution includes provision on issues such as conflict of interest, conduct and decision making by directors which are designed to make life simpler for future Boards. We do not seek to stop those who seek election developing ties with Rangers Football Club. That is a natural and welcome development, as Club 1872 increases its shareholding and influence on matters affecting RFC but there must be complete openness and clarity for members on any such issues which arise and, where there may be conflicts, the director concerned must take no part in any relevant deliberations of the Board.

We are also asking members for the first time to accept the need to refrain from conduct which would bring Club 1872 into disrepute and introducing a right to suspend for conduct that causes damage to Club 1872.  Taking such sanctions would always be a last resort and it is hoped reminding members of their responsibilities will remove the need for such action.

The new constitution sets out at schedule 3 the procedure to be followed for elections to the Club 1872 Board. We have added measures to protect the integrity of the election process. Again members’ views are sought on whether anything further should be added.

There are some areas of the new constitution shaded yellow. These points are for discussion and consideration by members and the options may be placed before members to vote on dependent on how the consultation process views them.

We believe the new constitution marks a significant step in Club 1872’s development and look forward to engaging with members on it.

You can view the new constitution here.

Club 1872 is unique in UK supporters’ groups and developing it for the generations to come is a weighty responsibility. That is why we share it with you, our members, and trust in your collective wisdom.

Club 1872 was formed to support and protect Rangers Football Club. It is a shared love for RFC which brings us together. We will never stand idly by and watch future owners damage RFC in the manner in which it was abused over the last few years but nor will we oppose those with the Club’s best interests at heart just to demonstrate that we are independent. Rangers support will know when to follow and when to set their own path.

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