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Club 1872 Constitution Poll Result

Club 1872 can confirm that members have voted 89% in favour of adopting the new Articles of Association for Club 1872 Shares CIC. As communicated to members prior to the vote, there is an ongoing discussion with the CIC regulator to clarify certain queries regarding the proposed new Articles and this discussion will continue. We will update members on the position with regard to any potential changes and the formal adoption of the Articles as soon as that discussion is complete.

In the meantime we will shortly be opening applications for the board elections for the Club 1872 companies. Members will be sent a separate communication on the election process and timetable in the coming days.

During the vote we had four email queries regarding the position of life members. These queries were based on some misinformation being spread on social media. We would therefore like to once again clarify the position on life memberships.

In terms of the CIC rules, all CICs require to include the following provision in their articles. It is a mandatory requirement and has been in the Articles of the Club 1872 Shares CIC since it was first incorporated as Rangers First back in Spring 2014.

We are aware that, notwithstanding this provision, some life members of Rangers First were told at the time of joining that they could have a heritable membership (ie. one that could be passed to their heirs following death).

Accordingly, where we are approached by the Executors or personal representatives of a member of Rangers First who signed up to a heritable membership, the Executors/representatives will be entitled to provide details of the person who that member wants to inherit their rights and that person will be made a life member of the Shares CIC. Dealing with matters in that way avoids breaching the rules applicable to CICs but also ensures members do not lose out. The Board has previously confirmed this position to individuals who have asked about this topic.

We would encourage all members to contact Club 1872 in the first instance with any queries about their membership rather than relying on social media comment where information is seldom accurate.

Thank you to all the members who voted and took time to participate in the process, particularly those who took part in the consultation and the focus group discussions. We believe these new Articles will enhance members’ rights and ensure a strong base for Club 1872 going forward.

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