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Club 1872 Handover Meeting Summary

Club 1872 Handover Meeting – 13th October 2016

In Attendance – James Blair (WG and Board), Laura Fawkes (Board), Joanne Percival (Board) Craig Houston (WG and Board), William Cowie (Board) Iain Leiper (Board), Alex Wilson (Board) Chris Graham (WG), John Macmillan (WG), Christine Sommerville, Alan Fraser (WG), William Gillan (WG), Gordon Dinnie (WG).

A number of housekeeping matters were dealt with:

1) All new directors have been formally appointed to the four companies of Club 1872. Tidying up and removal of old directors is being progressed.

2) A summary of the functions of the four companies of Club 1872 was given to new directors.

Rangers First 2014 CIC will be responsible for buying shares
Club 1872 Projects CIC will fund projects
Club 1872 Ltd deals with admin and marketing
Supporters Voice Ltd exists to issue statements only

3) For continuity purposes, it was agreed to change the registered address of the Club 1872 Projects CIC to Anderson Strathearn’s office in Edinburgh.

4) It was agreed to change the name of Rangers First 2014 CIC to Club 1872 Shares CIC.

A number of roles were allocated to new board members:

Finance – William Cowie is the only accountant on the Board so will take responsibility for this area, supported by admin staff.

Share purchasing – Alex Wilson volunteered to liaise with Christine Sommerville on the share buying side. CS to give an update on current position.

Articles of Association – Alex Wilson, Iain Leiper and James Blair agreed to look at this.

Website and Social Media – Chris Graham to handover to Joanne Percival and Laura Fawkes.

Preparation of Accounts and Annual Report for RF CIC

The first task is to prepare the accounts for Rangers First 2014 CIC and write the annual report. William Cowie will deal with the accounts and Iain Leiper has taken responsibility for writing the report .

Payment Procedures

There was a short discussion regarding payment procedures. James Blair suggested that he and William Cowie took a joint role regarding making payments.

It was agreed that James Blair and William Cowie would be signatories for the various Club 1872 bank accounts.

Transition of RF/ RST members to Club 1872 – progress to date

Christine Sommerville explained that Stripe payments for RF temporarily stopped at the beginning of June due to the Rangers First (RF) website not being properly maintained. Club 1872 was not aware of this until the payments to the bank account showed there was a problem. This was solved by migrating the RF Stripe payments to the Club 1872 website. This was a very significant task which took up a huge amount of time but will now ensure that all members paying by credit card can be properly serviced by Club 1872 going forward.

There are concerns over the quality of information that was passed to Club 1872 by Rangers First – particularly regarding members who had ceased payments to RF as long ago as 2014 but were not identified by RF. This is being worked through to ensure better quality information on members and is expected to take a number of weeks more. Laura Fawkes and Joanne Percival volunteered to assist with this.

CIC Regulator, Supporters Direct and RF Legal Action

A ruling was received from the CIC regulator that Rangers First 2014 CIC has acted properly and in accordance with CIC regulations. This was as result of complaints made to the Regulator by a small group of RF members who have been very vocal in their opposition to Club 1872. These complaints included the citing of Celtic fan blogs as ‘evidence’. The regulator made some suggestions, including the implementation of a formal complaints procedure, to make it easier for Club 1872 to deal with such complaints going to the regulator in future.

A number of complaints were made to Supporters Direct and Club 1872 during the election process. None of these were found to have any foundation and included complaints from a small number of unsuccessful candidates in the election. Supporters Direct will be making a number of recommendations to the new board which may be adopted by Club 1872 going forward.

In addition, there is an outstanding legal matter where a former RF Board member incurred an expense for legal advice without the knowledge or consent of the other RF Board members in the lead up to the RF elections. Funding has been set aside in case this needs to be paid but ideally the matter will be resolved without this.

All other business

There was unanimous agreement that the future role of RSCs within Club 1872 is a point on which there is a need for progress. This will be taken forward by Iain Leiper, Craig Houston and Joanne Percival.

It was agreed that a Social Media policy should be developed and taken forward by the board.

A skills audit of members was suggested to identify people who could offer services to Club 1872. Board to take forward.

Christine Sommerville and Alan Fraser to take forward inaugural Club 1872 dinner.

Craig Houston will liaise with Lionbrand on their contributions to Club 1872.

Date of next meeting will be Saturday 29th October.

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