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Club 1872 Letter to Councillor Susan Aitken

Club 1872 has today written to Glasgow City Council Leader, Susan Aitken, regarding press reports of her comments in a closed Facebook group for Glasgow SNP councillors.

A copy of the letter is below and we look forward to receiving a timely reply from Councillor Aitken to what we consider to be a very serious matter.

“Dear Councillor Aitken,

I am writing to you on behalf of Club 1872, a Rangers supporters group with over 7000 members and the second largest shareholder in Rangers International Football Club PLC, regarding comments you made in a closed Facebook group (Glasgow City SNP Councillors) which have been the subject of recent press reports.

As you may be aware, we have submitted a Freedom of Information request in the past few days for everything posted in that group relating to Rangers FC and Club 1872. It appears that the group was being used to discuss council business that should have been subject to our previous FOI enquiry, but no posts from that group were included in the response to our previous request.

What we know already is that you used the group to ask fellow SNP Councillors to share a photograph of Labour Councillor, Frank McAveety attending a match at Ibrox in 2015. This appears to be in response to comments made by Mr McAveety about your role in denying Rangers the opportunity to host a Fanzone at Ibrox in 2018.

Can you clarify why you believed this photo to be relevant to those matters and explain why you felt it appropriate to ask SNP Councillors to share this information publicly? Is it your belief that Mr McAveety’s attendance at Ibrox should be portrayed in a negative light? If so, perhaps you can explain why? Many elected officials attend sporting events throughout Glasgow and it is disturbing that you appear to believe that attendance at Ibrox is something which should be frowned upon.

Mr McAveety is a well known Celtic supporter, and therefore any suggestion that he attended the match at Ibrox to gain favour from Rangers, or vice versa, would be ridiculous. Your decision to focus on this one event appears to have been motivated by a desire to cast doubt on Mr McAveety’s legitimate criticisms and divert attention from questions about your own conduct where Rangers Football Club is concerned.

Rangers Football Club is a major employer in Glasgow and works extensively to positively support communities in Govan, Glasgow and throughout Scotland. The many thousands of Rangers supporters who live in the Glasgow area should be able to rely on elected officials to treat them and their football club fairly at all times. Furthermore, those in public life who question conduct that appears to be unfair or discriminatory should be able to do so freely without being smeared in an attempt to discredit their input.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Fawkes

Club 1872 Director

On behalf of the Club 1872 board”

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company

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