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Club 1872 Member Update

In common with all Rangers supporters, the directors of Club 1872 are extremely concerned by the disgraceful capitulation of the Rangers team that faced Celtic on Sunday. We have had contact from members asking us to convey their concerns to Rangers and can reassure them and the wider support that this has been done.

Rangers supporters deserve a team which as a bare minimum shows pride and commitment in the club they represent. That pride and commitment was sorely lacking on Sunday and the responsibility for that must be borne at all levels of the club. What we have seen this season is not good enough and we know that the Rangers board and executive team are well aware of that fact. Rangers supporters will no doubt once again show their incredible support for the club through season ticket renewals but we now need to see real progress towards returning Rangers to the top of Scottish football with a management team and quality of player that can secure success.

It is clear that a great deal of further investment is going to be required to take the club to the position that our supporters correctly believe it should occupy. Millions have been ploughed into the club by the current board and investors but it has not seen a satisfactory return on the pitch. We cannot just assume that because we are Rangers we will automatically return to the top at some point. It is going to take further investment, good decision making and everyone working together.

Much of the responsibility for that progress is going to fall on the current RIFC board but we believe Rangers supporters, through Club 1872, can also shoulder part of the burden – because it’s our club. That is why we are asking supporters to join us and invest heavily in the club and also why we are in negotiations with RIFC about securing a board place. Supporters can play a major role in helping to take our club back to the top but we must accept that responsibility and not simply wait for others to do it for us. Everyone will have to play their part if we are to achieve the success that we all believe the supporters deserve.

We fully expect to see a reaction from everyone at Rangers over the coming weeks to what we believe is a watershed moment. We expect the players to show the commitment and desire that was sorely missing from their performance on Sunday, in order to secure second place and European football for the supporters next season. We expect the board and management of the club to take decisive steps to ensure that the product on the park next season is of a considerably higher quality and rewards the supporters’ loyalty through difficult times. We also hope that the support will rally once again and join us to make sure that we make a significant, direct financial contribution to taking Rangers back to the top.

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