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Club 1872 response to public comments made about the Rangers support by elected politicians in Scotland

Club 1872 has had contact with a number of members over the past few weeks, concerned about public comments made about the Rangers support by elected politicians in Scotland. We can confirm that we have written directly to a number of politicians seeking an explanation for false comments made by them on social media about the Rangers support. We have also written to two Scottish political party leaders seeking explanations for the behaviour of their elected representatives.

In addition to this, members may be aware that the Scottish Government, in the aftermath of the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, has set up a working party to examine the subject of sectarianism and make recommendations on how it should be defined in Scots law. We are extremely concerned that this process should not be a repeat of the ill-fated consultation on the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, during which a number of discredited politicians and journalists were successful in pushing for unworkable and illiberal laws targeting football supporters.

With that in mind we have written to the chair of this group to ask about the makeup of the working party, the scope of their work and how organisations like Club 1872 can feed into the process. If positive progress is to be made then it is essential that a common sense approach is taken on this topic and that those who cannot contain their agenda-driven hysteria are kept at arms length from decision making.

We have seen a circumstance in modern Scotland where Rangers and Rangers supporters are seen as fair game, regardless of the steps we take to try to ensure good behaviour. This is partly due to the actions of a small minority of our supporters but is largely down to an agenda in certain areas of the press and Scottish political life. We have spoken to Rangers about this and urged them to use their significant resources to take a more robust stance on tackling this issue. We will continue dialogue with them.

We are also in discussions with Police Scotland regarding the treatment of Rangers supporters and are seeking changes in the way we have been policed in certain circumstances. This has so far been a healthy dialogue and we hope that it will lead to some substantive changes in approach.

In the meantime Club 1872 will continue to do what it can, with very limited resources, to tackle any unfair or malicious comments about our loyal support.





Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 Company

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