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Club 1872 Statement on Daily Record Reporting

Club 1872 is extremely concerned by reports of child abuse within Scottish football, and we wish to extend our sympathies to all those affected. We hope that the police, Scottish clubs and football authorities will work together to bring justice and support for victims who have come forward, and we encourage anyone who has yet to speak out to contact Police Scotland.

Earlier this week, the Daily Record newspaper printed an article that spuriously and erroneously linked Rangers Football Club with child abuse allegations. This gave rise to considerable anger and concern amongst our support. An apology had to be issued the following day. Given that the same newspaper was reprimanded by IPSO just months ago for printing fabricated stories about Rangers supporters at the Scottish Cup Final, this latest episode causes us serious concern.

If censure from IPSO itself is viewed as no more than an occupational hazard resulting in little or no change in reporting standards, then it is abundantly clear that other avenues will need to be explored in order to ensure that this newspaper and others report appropriately, factually and accurately on our Club.

Club 1872 is committed to defending Rangers Football Club and Rangers supporters against any inaccurate or unfair reports.

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