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Club 1872 Statement on IPSO Judgement vs Daily Record

We are delighted that IPSO has upheld a complaint over the lies printed in the Daily Record about Rangers fans after the Scottish Cup final. The full IPSO judgement is here and our previous statement on the subject can be found here.

Despite being pleased that IPSO has acted we would like to highlight once again the disgraceful behaviour of the Daily Record newspaper, its journalist Jane Hamilton and the Police Federation’s Calum Steele.

We approached the Daily Record editor, Murray Foote, to ask him to remedy what we knew was a story rooted in complete fabrication. Initially we received a positive response and were told a retraction and rebuttal would be printed. The Daily Record then reneged on this promise and have had to be brought kicking and screaming to the point of retraction by IPSO. We note that in the IPSO judgement the newspaper has referred to their remedial offer to Club 1872 but not that they subsequently retracted that offer. They have not even had the integrity to make a proper apology to Rangers fans for the lies they printed.

The Daily Record knew they had not corroborated their story properly. They were presented with clear evidence by Club 1872 that their story was false. They also continue to ignore the numerous instances of sectarian language posted on social media by Jane Hamilton which they were shown proof of.

The section of the IPSO judgement which is most damning is this.

“The newspaper said that it had received an email from somebody who identified himself as a serving police who described the incident in detail – it said it had been unable to verify whether or not the person who sent the email was in fact a police officer.”

It is quite incredible that the Daily Record Editor has been forced to admit this and is entirely contrary to the account he gave to the Club 1872 representatives who met him to discuss this matter and questioned him in detail on how the story had originated.

This story was built on a lie and corroborated with nothing more than hearsay and is precisely what you would expect to happen when a journalist with a history of making sectarian comments is allowed free rein to write whatever she likes. It would appear that the Daily Record has failed to learn valuable lessons about unnamed police sources telling lies about football fans to cover their own failings.

Calum Steele should consider his position if the Police Federation wish to retain any credibility. There was no criticism of individual police officers following the Cup Final and we would question why he was so keen to get involved. His role in this piece of propaganda is clear to all those who have followed his performance on social media since the event.

We would once again like to thank all the Rangers fans who submitted evidence to Club 1872 and who took the time to challenge the lies written about our supporters. It is a core principle of Club 1872 that it will stand up for our supporters and we will continue to do so where appropriate.

We will ask Rangers will take this matter up with the Daily Record and we will be polling our members on whether they wish us to consider further action in the absence of a proper apology and immediate remedial action from the newspaper.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company

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