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Club 1872 Statement on Racist Abuse of Alfredo Morelos

Club 1872 is aware of the torrent of agenda driven and at times xenophobic coverage of incidents involving Alfredo Morelos following Rangers’ victory in the Old Firm game on 29th December.

We are working to catalogue these incidents and will make relevant submissions to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, and any other relevant bodies, once we have examined them over the coming days. We also note the disturbing silence from many politicians and commentators who have been quick to comment on similar incidents in the past.

One instance which we can confirm we will be taking forward is an article by Ewing Grahame which appeared in the Scottish Sun quoting ‘sports psychologist’ Tom Lucas. The article itself was full of, at best, xenophobic comments about Alfredo Morelos and South American people but what is of additional concern is that it appears Mr Lucas is not in fact a sports psychologist at all. The title is protected under legislation covering health professionals. It is a criminal offence for a person to use a designated title to which they are not entitled. Mr Lucas does not appear on the publicly searchable HCPC register to use such a title.

As well as submitting this information to IPSO we will also be submitting a complaint to HCPC regarding Mr Lucas’ use of the title. It will be for them to decide what the appropriate action is. It is indicative of the hysteria surrounding the player that this rubbish ever made it through the editorial process and into a Scottish newspaper.

More broadly, there is a growing and increasingly concerning trend in Scotland to ignore, excuse and in some cases encourage the racist abuse which is dished out to Alfredo Morelos. There are multiple videos circulating on social media recording this racist abuse from Celtic supporters and Celtic Football Club’s response, in which they appear to blame the player for this racism, is beneath contempt. That they have now issued another statement attempting to shift the focus from their fans’ racism is in keeping with their well documented refusal to take any responsibility for the offences committed by those associated with their club.

We will update members and the wider Rangers support on our efforts in this area early in the New Year. In the meantime, we wish Alfredo all the best with his fantastic charitable efforts in Colombia, which do so much to help the community in his hometown.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company

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