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Club 1872 Statement on Ticketing/Communication

Club 1872 is aware of the major ticketing issues which affected significant numbers of supporters trying to gain entry to the Champions League qualifier against Malmo last night.

We have repeatedly raised issues with ticketing, customer service and communications with Rangers over the past two years. We have raised major issues with the functionality and complexity of the ticketing system, the club’s failure to communicate important ticketing information directly to season ticket holders and the confusing way in which the various club digital platforms interact. This is causing a clear barrier to older supporters attending games and affects supporters of all ages in their interactions with the club. We have repeatedly asked the club not to assume that posts on social media are the same as direct email communication but the club continues to use social media as the only means of communicating many pieces of essential information to supporters.

Unfortunately the club has not engaged properly with Club 1872 on these issues. Fan engagement does not only cover marketing and the sale of a myriad of new products to supporters, it also means meaningful engagement with representative bodies on matters of concern to the support. This has been lacking for some time.

We would ask Managing Director, Stewart Robertson to communicate with supporters clearly, and as a matter of urgency, and explain why so many of them were locked out of Ibrox last night. We would also like to hear, in detail, what the club is doing to improve its customer service, which has been extremely poor for some time and appears to be getting worse rather than better. He has personally made various statements over the past couple of years on improvements to customer service and communication, neither of which have been improved to any suitable standard.

As well as the issues faced by hundreds, if not thousands, of season ticket holders, Club 1872 spent two days trying to contact the ticket office and Rangers SLO prior to last night’s game to assist the Erskine veterans we supply season tickets to in gaining entry to the game. We heard nothing back and they were unable to attend.

Rangers supporters have shown incredible loyalty and backed the club to the hilt both financially and vocally. It is time that loyalty was repaid with proper engagement, accountability and communication by Rangers’ executive team.

Club 1872



Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 Company

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