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Club 1872 Statement on UEFA Charges

Club 1872 would like to echo the message from Rangers regarding the damaging charges from UEFA both in relation to the St Josephs match at Ibrox and the recent game in Poland against Legia Warsaw.

It is clear that UEFA has taken a decision to class sectarian singing in the same bracket as racism and as a result has a clear and rapidly escalating framework of punishments for any club charged with such offences. This means that we will quickly arrive at the point where Ibrox may be closed for a home European tie if outbreaks of sporadic sectarian singing continue. This will not only effect tens of thousands of our own supporters but also the management team and players, who would have to operate in such circumstances. This is particularly frustrating as the atmosphere generated at European games at Ibrox this season has been largely free of such sectarian songs.

To be absolutely clear, songs, words and terms classed as sectarian by UEFA include ‘The Billy Boys’, any reference to “fenians” or any pejorative terms about Catholics or the Pope. The charges do not relate only to one song but to anything in the brackets above, including add ons to otherwise inoffensive songs.

We share some of the concerns over the lack of transparency, accountability and consistency in the operations of FARE. However, those concerns cannot be properly addressed while we are in a position where FARE can provide UEFA with video evidence of sectarian singing involving even a small number of Rangers supporters, as was the case in Warsaw.

Club 1872 fully supports Rangers’ Everyone Anyone campaign. It is absolutely clear in the discussions that we have had in the past few weeks and months that the club will not tolerate sectarian behaviour. We will continue to work with them to ensure that there is constructive and meaningful engagement with supporters on this issue going forward.

Every single Rangers supporter must now take responsibility for promoting a positive image of our club and support. Ibrox is one of the most impressive arenas in European football when it is full and noisy. We have a host of ways to generate that unique atmosphere without reverting to songs which will see the club sanctioned. Let’s get Ibrox rocking on Thursday night and roar our team into the groups stages of the Europa League.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company

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