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Club 1872 Statement on UEFA Citation

Club 1872 commends the vast majority of the Rangers support for their conduct over the course of the game last night – which marked our long awaited, winning return to European competition.

The atmosphere was very positive and a colourful display by the Union Bears at the start of the game added to the overall spectacle. The Rangers support can be a great asset to the Europa League this season and we hope to see many more nights like this in the coming months.

Unfortunately we have today been informed that the actions of a small number of supporters in the Broomloan Stand, who threw balled-up pieces of paper onto the pitch, has led to Rangers being cited by UEFA. Whilst this appeared to be meant in good humour and was carried out by a number of younger supporters, it has nonetheless led directly to a situation where Rangers now have to put forward a submission to UEFA. At this stage we are unsure of the nature of any possible sanction, if any.

We appreciate that most supporters will see this as a very minor matter, and we would share that view. However, it is another reminder that we have to hold ourselves to as high a standard as possible. We want to see colourful displays at the stadium in the future and would ask supporters not to risk jeopardising these.

We will be liaising with Rangers on this issue and will seek to gain a better understanding of how a citation of this type comes about following what, on the face of things, seems to be such an innocuous incident. We hope that this will allow us to better inform our supporters in the future about how they can avoid action, and walk the fine line that exists between enjoying the game and potentially falling foul of UEFA regulations.

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