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Club 1872 Support For Pedro Caixinha

At the end of what has been a disappointing season, Club 1872 would like to extend its support to Rangers manager, Pedro Caixinha in the face of a disgraceful campaign against him by sections of the Scottish media.

A succession of pundits – none of whom have ever succeeded in management – have lined up to attack Pedro almost from day one of his arrival in Scotland. They have been ably assisted by sections of the Scottish press who appear to be totally unable to put their own allegiances or petty disagreements with our club to one side. From the xenophobic ramblings of ex-Celtic player, Charlie Nicholas to the lowest common denominator nonsense of Chris Sutton, these so called experts have been quick to criticise Pedro despite him inheriting a squad which had underperformed over the past season and which he has not yet had any opportunity to revamp.

Sutton, who still appears be haunted by the memory of Helicopter Sunday, has been one of the worst offenders. A man who was an abject failure as a manager and is an even worse pundit, has been given free rein on both BT Sport and on the pages of the Daily Record to wage a witless campaign to undermine our new manager. If this is the best the media can do for commentary on our game then it is in a worse state than anyone feared.

The Daily Record’s Keith Jackson, unwelcome at Ibrox for several weeks, has now concocted an excuse to criticise Pedro for taking the time to pose for photos with fans after winning the last game of the season. Pedro was not celebrating a mediocre season – he was rightly taking time to acknowledge the efforts of our supporters.

Rangers supporters have, as always, shown tremendous loyalty ahead of next season by purchasing upwards of 35,000 season tickets prior to the start of the public sale. Despite a relative lack of success, our fans also boasted the largest travelling support in the UK over the course of the past season – once again proving our unwavering and unconditional support for our club.

Pedro Caixinha will have the opportunity over the coming weeks to form his own squad and enable our supporters to assess him on the basis of his own efforts and ideas. When making that assessment, we will not take our lead from washed up journalists, ‘controversial’ pundits or disgruntled ex-employees.

Club 1872 looks forward with optimism to the new season and hopes that the steadfast backing shown by our supporters will be rewarded with a Rangers team we can once again be proud of.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company.

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