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Countdown to the share issue

We’ve reached the end of a disappointing season but the work doesn’t end for Club 1872. Last week Dave King announced that the upcoming share issue would be put into motion. That means that in all likelihood it will take place within the next six weeks.

Club 1872 is the only way for supporters to take part in this share issue and it represents a huge opportunity for the Rangers support. It gives us the chance to invest up to £2m directly into Rangers. We will shortly be updating members on the funds we have available – funds that that will go straight into the club and straight onto the pitch, with Steven Gerrard set to overhaul the squad in the summer. It also provides us with the opportunity to ensure that supporters retain a meaningful say in the future and security of our club.

Club 1872 is a long term project. Through the fantastic support we have had from members we’ve been able to secure a place as the second largest shareholder in the club. With millions of pounds being invested in the club each year by other shareholders, to maintain our position and grow it we need thousands more Rangers supporters to take part.

There is no better way for supporters across Britain and across the world to back Rangers than through Club 1872. We fully expect another share issue to follow next year. We collectively have the chance to invest heavily in Rangers future success and ensure that we secure a meaningful shareholding and a place on the RIFC board.

In order to achieve this we need the Rangers support to back the idea. We know fan ownership and representation is not yet as ingrained in British football as it is in other parts of the world but we have an opportunity to be pioneers of that idea within a large British club. We cannot forget what happened to our club in the recent past. There is only one way to help fund Rangers and to ensure that never happens again.

The Club 1872 board has worked hard to put the correct infrastructure in place to allow supporters to make the choice on whether they want this to work. Now it is up to every single Rangers supporter across the world. If we come together and take collective responsibility for protecting our club, we will ensure its security for generations. If not then we’ll continue to do our best with the limited resources we have but the supporters shareholding will eventually, inevitably be diluted.

We do not yet know exactly how many shares will be offered. We don’t know the price they will be offered at or the exact timing of the share issue. We would like to be in a position to tell supporters exactly how much we will require to maintain our shareholding but we do not yet have that information. What we can say is that at current levels of membership it is very unlikely that we will maintain our shareholding through this share issue and the next. Club 1872 and the ability to safeguard our club in the future will only work if the Rangers support want it to. Let’s go.

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