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Daily Record Apology

Club 1872 recently held a poll of members asking if Rangers fans should buy the Daily Record newspaper following its grossly inaccurate coverage on Rangers fans in the aftermath of the Scottish Cup Final. The result of that poll was that 94% of members felt that Rangers fans should not buy the Daily Record.

Following that poll, and the very strong direct representations of both Rangers and Club 1872, the Daily Record editor, Murray Foote, has now issued an apology regarding this matter.

It is a central pillar of Club 1872 to defend our support in a measured and effective manner and we are pleased to have been able to fulfil that role during this controversial episode. This shows what can be achieved when all parties with Rangers’ best interests at heart work together to challenge unfair and misleading media coverage of our club and its fans.

The following statement is being issued by Rangers at the same time as it appears on the Club 1872 website and we are pleased that a long overdue apology has now been made by the Daily Record.

“After having challenged the Daily Record over the veracity of their story ‘Cops: Mob Rule Outside Hampden Blocked Us From Getting In to Help’ (published on May 26, 2016) Rangers have received an apology from the newspaper’s editor.

The Daily Record was hauled over the coals by the newspaper industry watchdog, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO,) who were scathing in their criticisms of the methods used by the paper.

IPSO ruled the Daily Record failed to corroborate the information they claim they were given via an anonymous email and also found them to be guilty of presenting a ‘significantly misleading impression.’ The Daily Record also failed to ‘demonstrate the accuracy of the serious allegations set out in the article.’

IPSO also stated: ‘In circumstances where Rangers supporters were accused of violence towards police, and other anti-social behaviour, the attempts it had made to support the account of an unidentified source it had been unable to verify were not sufficient to demonstrate that care had been taken over the accuracy of the article.’

Rangers and Club 1872 challenged the paper and in a letter to Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson, the editor of the Daily Record admitted the report printed in the edition of May 26 surrounding events in the aftermath of the Scottish Cup final ‘should not have been published.’

The editor also wrote: ‘In this instance the paper failed to maintain the requisite standards. It was a collective failing for which I apologise unreservedly.’”

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