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Ibrox area defibrillator fundraiser in memory of Peter Derrick

Peter Derrick, the owner of the Viceroy Bar on Paisley Road West passed away recently after suffering a cardiac arrest in the pub. Despite immediately receiving CPR from a Viceroy customer, he sadly died twelve days later.

This was a tragic incident which has left family, friends and customers of this much loved member of the Rangers community determined to honour his memory by installing defibrillators at various points between the Viceroy Bar and Ibrox Stadium.

Peter’s daughter, Robyn said, “We are all devastated. We’ve been robbed of my dad. He loved his life and lived his life to the fullest. He played golf with his friends the night before his life, he was bursting with energy and had so much more to give. I want to focus on helping other families. Our family want to give other families a chance. A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, and every moment is precious. One minute or five minutes – it makes a big difference.”

Peter’s family have so far exceeded their original target of £12,000 but they want to fund as many defibrillators as possible in the Ibrox area, so their fundraising efforts continue.

To donate to the fundraiser, please click here.

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