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Police Scotland Meeting regarding match v Celtic

Club 1872 were again invited to attend the Police Scotland planning meeting with regards to Sunday’s fixture away to Celtic.

Police Scotland will again have officers at bus parks to check legislation regarding alcohol on buses travelling to football matches is adhered to and to provide a visual deterrent against any possible anti social behaviour which may be a concern to local residents. This has proven worthwhile at recent games and Police Scotland felt it had been successful as travelling fans adhered to legislation concerning both alcohol and anti social behaviour.

Due to recent issues with offensive banners and other items, the police will continue to take action against offensive material displayed at games. Anyone displaying items that can cause offence will continue to be at risk of arrest both during the game and retrospectively. It is prudent to point out that offensive material is not unique to slogans etc that may be deemed sectarian and can encompass anything that may cause offence.

To prevent a repeat of the issues in the toilets at the last visit to Celtic Park, stewards will be situated at the entrances and exits of the toilets and a “one in one out” policy will adhered to. This shouldn’t slow down the time taken to use the facilities but it may cause a delay in entering the area and as such Police Scotland would ask for consideration to be taken by those held in the concourse areas while waiting.

Police Scotland highlighted that the behaviour of the vast amount of Rangers fans at recent fixtures had been exemplary and despite a small number of highly publicised events which were carried out by a very small number of fans, they have been pleased with the conduct of the Rangers support at this fixture both at home and on our travels.

Travel to the game may be hindered by traffic issues prominently to the south approaches and we would encourage those traveling by road to consider allowing additional time for their journey and check online for traffic updates on the morning of the game.

The meeting contained a lot of positives and Police Scotland are confident that, yet again, the behaviour of our support will cause no undue concerns.



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