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Proposed Club 1872 Meetings

In March 2022 the Club 1872 Board released a statement which was heavily critical of the Executive Management Team at Rangers and their running of the club. Our view has not changed and it is clear that concerns about the club’s current trajectory are growing within the Rangers support. Since our statement we have engaged privately and constructively with a number of other major shareholders regarding our concerns and those of our Contributors. As a major shareholder we have also attempted again to engage privately with the RIFC Board on behalf of our Contribtors. The RIFC Board continues to refuse to engage with Club 1872 as it has done since the moment Dave King departed as Chairman over two and half years ago. We would welcome a reversal of that policy.

Club 1872 functions, in part, to facilitate dialogue between the custodians of Rangers Football Club and the support. We strive to seek answers on behalf of our Contributors and the wider support and will continue to do so.

We recently met with Dave King, who has a number of concerns of his own about the way in which the club is being managed. He has articulated some of those concerns publicly but he has also informed us that they have increased following conversations he has had in recent weeks. He has indicated a willingness to speak directly to our Contributors, as he did last year, about those concerns, his insight into the running of the club and any other areas of interest to supporters. We believe it would be valuable for our Contributors to hear from Mr King and have the opportunity to question him directly on his views.

In the interests of fairness, and to provide as many opportunities as possible for our Contributors to hear different perspectives on the current position, we have also extended an invitation to Rangers Chairman, Douglas Park to meet with our Contributors. We have informed Mr Park that we will hold a Contributor meeting at a time and date of his choosing between now and December, where he can engage with our Contributors on the same basis as Dave King.

As soon as we have set a date, or dates, for these meetings we will inform Contributors. The meetings will be recorded and made publicly available to all of our Contributors and the wider support. We will also shortly be holding our Annual Contributor meeting with details to follow.

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