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Proposed Traffic Regulation Order around Ibrox Stadium on Matchdays

Club 1872 entered dialogue with the Land and Enviromental Services department within Glasgow City Council with regards to the Traffic Regulation Order in the area surround Ibrox Stadium. This was done after a poll of our members resulted in 94.5% of our members voting against the proposals.

We include the email corespondance for the perusal of our members and the wider fanbase.


Sent: Monday, 6 February, 2017 12:18pm
Subject: FAO Andrew Beglin

Dear Andrew

Further to our conversation at the public engagement session on the proposed event day parking around Ibrox, I write to share with you a summary of the concerns raised by our members in relation to the proposals.

As I mentioned to you, many of our members have questioned whether the parking restrictions will simply push the problems they aim to resolve further afield. Displacement of the issues reported by local residents may affect residents outside the exclusion zone. What are the Council’s plans, if any, to prevent that happening?

We have also heard from elderly and disabled Rangers supporters who are genuinely concerned about how the proposals will restrict their access to the stadium. Similarly, we have heard from parents of disabled children who already face the struggle of getting from their cars to the stadium. Forcing them to park further away will obviously cause them further difficulties.

Have you considered shuttle buses from set locations? Or drop-off points for elderly/infirm/disabled supporters who are able to arrange lifts to the stadium? Will parking permits be available to supports with mobility/sensory difficulties?

Our members have also asked if you have considered the impact on local businesses? What are local business owners’ thoughts on the proposals?

We have also been asked to request feedback on why the restrictions will apply to non-residential areas – for example, the area around Helen Street, where small commercial units are located. These units do not trade on Saturdays, when most Rangers matches take place. Will the Council reconsider placing restrictions on such areas? If not, can you share with us your reasoning behind placing restrictions in those areas?

Please also provide us with an update on the view of Police Scotland and SPT in relation to the proposals. Our members are particularly interested in whether SPT will be providing extra services to ease the difficulties we anticipate these restrictions will cause.

We further request that you provide us with access to any data you have collected from local residents and business owners on these matters.

As you are aware, our members voted overwhelmingly to oppose the proposals. However, it is also clear from the high volume of emails we received that people are as yet unclear about how the proposals will impact our support and what plans you have in place to ease any potential difficulties. It is our intention to seek clarity on the questions/concerns summarised above, with a view to further engaging our members on how we should respond to the proposals.

As I said when we met, Club 1872 Directors would be happy to meet with you in a more formal setting. We would also be very interested in attending any further meetings that are planned in relation to these matters.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Club 1872 Director







I refer to your undernoted email and can advise that further investigations into your points raised are now complete and can provide the following response.

I can advise that this area has been highlighted as being negatively affected by current parking practices and this is why these proposals have been drawn up. It is hoped that these proposals will encourage the use of sustainable transport; however the impact these proposals would have on other areas cannot be determined but shall be monitored following successful implementation.

I can confirm that the associated Traffic Regulation Order for these proposals would allow disabled badge holders to park within the permit holders only zone so long as they are not causing an obstruction.

Dropping off and picking up would still be permitted in areas where it is not classified as an emergency route. It is also hoped that supporters would utilise the existing park and ride scheme in operation at Shields Road subway station, park and ride is £5 and SPT have confirmed that there is parking capacity to accommodation more vehicles within their car park. Parking permits would not be issued to those not living or working within the affected area.

It is not anticipated that these proposed parking controls on event days only would negatively affect local businesses as they rely on regular custom outside of event days and ease of access to their business during event days. This should be assisted by retaining the existing pay and display parking outside of business premises on Paisley Road West to encourage a turnover of parking spaces and increasing convenient parking availability to local businesses on event days with the option of applying for business parking permits to support their business needs.

It would not be my intention to reconsider the inclusion of the non-residential areas within these proposals at this time, however your comments have been noted. By preventing vehicles from coming into the area to seek out any available on street parking places will help maintain traffic flows for public transport provision and hopefully encourage the use of this provision to attend events at the stadium.

I can advise that my officers have met with Police Scotland to confirm the emergency routes to be kept clear of vehicles on event days and an initial meeting has been attended by my officers with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT). There is no update on the possibility of increased public transport provision within the area, however the matter is being highlighted with the relevant service providers.

I can advise that, from the returned questionnaires of addresses within the proposed zone, 178 submissions were for the proposals and 35 against the proposals. It should be noted that this data cannot be verified as it has been found that false addresses have been used when completing the questionnaire. In addition to this data I can confirm that the affected local community councils have reacted positively to these proposals.

I am unable to accede to your request for a meeting at this time, I would therefore be obliged that the request for a meeting is delayed until the beginning of the statutory process with the formal publication of these proposals.

I trust this is of assistance, however should you require further information then please contact Andrew Beglin or Mark Wharmby on 0141 287 9548 / 9034.

Andy Waddell
Head of Infrastructure and Environment
Land and Environmental Services



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