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Proxying to Club 1872 for RIFC AGM 2016

Club 1872 is now taking proxies from shareholders for the Rangers International Football Club AGM 2016.

The instructions below outline how to proxy your vote to Club 1872.  Please note, if you proxy to Club 1872, your shares will be voted as decided by members of Club 1872 in the ongoing member poll for the AGM.

As a small shareholder, whether you proxy your vote to us or not, we would urge you to vote in this AGM. Resolutions 10 and 11 provide the Rangers Board with the authority to raise further funds for Rangers and also provide Club 1872 with the opportunity to increase our shareholding in RIFC Plc. We see this an opportunity to increase supporter involvement in our football club whilst at the same time investing directly into Rangers in return for a larger shareholding.

No matter what amount of shares you hold, your vote counts and could be crucial in securing investment to move Rangers forward.

Proxying in Person

To proxy your vote to us in person, please bring your AGM materials, received from RIFC Plc in recent days via post, to the Club 1872 office, 2nd Floor Copland House, Ibrox Stadium between the hours of:

9.30am – 3pm Monday and Friday until November 18th

9.30am – 11.30am Tuesday – Thursday until November 18th

10am – 2.30pm Saturday 19th November prior to kickoff in the Rangers vs Dundee game.

There will be Club 1872 volunteers on hand between these hours to take proxy votes and ensure forms are properly filled in. Please ensure you bring your Form Of Proxy (and your attendance card if you do not intend to go to the AGM).

Proxying by Post

To proxy by post please fill in your Form of Proxy as shown below then post it to Club 1872, 2nd Floor Copland House, Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. Cards must arrive no later than Friday 18th November. 


If you have any questions please email  .

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