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Rangers Supporters Clubs Proposal

Club 1872 is pleased to announce that our RSC sub-group has compiled a detailed proposal on a structure for representation of Rangers Supporters Clubs.

The sub-group believes that a geographical structure is the best option, but we are more than happy to take account of any existing structures that are working well – our aim is to help create the most effective structure that will provide a strong basis for the Supporters Club voice to be heard.

The proposal has been sent directly to all RSCs who agreed to third party contact via the Rangers Ticket Office database, and Club 1872 invites all other RSCs who are interested in discussing the proposals with us or getting involved in any aspect of Club 1872 to contact us at   (preferably by 31st January 2017). We also welcome feedback from individual members on any aspect of the proposal, which is copied below

Proposal from the Supporters Clubs sub-group

This proposal is the result of several meetings that discussed and considered all aspects of the structure and management of Supporters Clubs within the RSCs element of Club1872.

These proposals are based on the following base assumptions:

All supporters clubs registered with the RFC Ticket Office can be enrolled in Club1872 with the aim of providing meaningful representation. It is hoped that clubs will participate and contribute to Club1872 as the main communications body between fans and RFC;

The registered RSCs e-mail database shall utilised by Club1872 in order to communicate with all the RSCs. This database shall be maintained by the RFC Ticket Office;

All ticket allocation arrangements with the RSCs shall remain as existing;
RSCs can continue to contact the Ticket Office direct regarding any day-to-day issues;

At no time should the relationship between “paying RSCs” and “non-paying RSCs” be used to enhance or otherwise the allocation of match tickets to the RSCs;

All RSCs are encouraged to join Club1872 by paying a minimum contribution of £5 per month or as an annual payment (£60);

The Club 1872 membership fee is not mandatory at this time to join the RSCs element however this may be considered in the future;

Only paying RSCs shall be entitled to one vote on any issues requiring a vote which are notified via the website/e-mail by the Club1872 board;

The RSCs element of Club1872 shall be managed by a 6 person executive committee (EC) and each person shall be a paying member of Club1872;

A representative shall be elected from the 6 person executive committee of the RSCs element to represent RSCs on the main Club1872 board;

The representative for RSCs shall be a paying member of Club1872;

The representative shall only become a full member of the Club1872 Board when a reasonable number (to be decided) of the RSCs are paying members of Club1872.
It is proposed to split the RSCs into 10 worldwide geographical regions – with the UK regions primarily based on regional post codes.

The proposed 10 regional groupings are as follows – with the approximate number of clubs in each region shown in brackets:

1. N.E. Scotland (26) – post codes KW, AB, DD,KY,KW, ZE – also to include Inverness

2. N.W. Scotland (42) – post codes HS, IV, PH, PA, FK

3. S.E. Scotland (26) – post codes EH, TD

4. S.W. Scotland (58) – post codes KA, ML, DG

5. Greater Glasgow (94) – post code G

6. Rest U.K (21) including Channel Islands and IOM

7. Northern Ireland (87) including Dublin

8. Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East (10)

9. North America (10) including NARSA

10. Australia and NZ (8) including ORSA

The clubs within the regions can be amended to suit individual club needs if required.

The EC for the RSCs element of Club1872 shall comprise of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, minute secretary and two committee members. The EC shall be democratically elected by ALL the RSCs (including non-paying clubs).  A representative shall be elected by a democratic process from within each region to be the spokesperson for that region. The regional representatives club must be a paying member of Club1872. It is envisaged that the 10 regional representatives shall communicate primarily by e-mail and raise any issues to the EC. If required the RSCs representative will further raise the issue to the Club1872 board. It will be left to the EC/regional representatives to decide whether regular RSCs meetings are required and/or necessary.

Items for further consideration:

The role of the existing Rangers FC Supporters Association has still to be resolved. It was noted that the original proposal for the formation of Club1872 suggested that the Association took on the RSCs management role. However, this was modified before being issued to the supporters. During the sub-group discussions this was left in abeyance pending the confirmation of the structure of the RSCs element. It is generally felt that the relationship between the RSCs and Club1872 is similar to the previous Supporters Assembly set up so perhaps the Association could be considered as a region in the list above;

NARSA and ORSA have not been consulted during these discussions but it was assumed that as these are well established supporters groups then they would remain as the main focus group within that region. However, it was noted that some clubs will not be members so that is why these organisations are included as part of the region.

We look forward to hearing from members/potential members on the points proposed above.

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