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Statement on Retail Deal

Club 1872 welcomes the announcement by Rangers that the long running dispute with Sports Direct is at an end and that a favourable deal has been secured which will see Rangers’ retail operations once again benefit the club. This announcement – coupled with a number of new players and a Director of Football arriving at the club – shows the great strides being made by Dave King and the Rangers board. We commend them for that progress and for matching the commitment shown by supporters who have once again backed the club with record season ticket sales.

Prior to the formation of Club 1872, several fan organisations were at the forefront of a supporter campaign to boycott retail operations due to the unfavourable deal entered into with Sports Direct by the Charles Green regime. That campaign was not entered into lightly and it has been extremely difficult for such a large number of our supporters not to feel able to wear the Rangers jersey during that time. We hope and anticipate that with the resolution of this matter we will see the Rangers jersey once again become a symbol of pride and support for our club.

We appreciate that some supporters may still be reluctant to end their boycott of the retail operation due to the ongoing involvement of Sport Direct. We would like to inform those supporters that we have been reassured by the Rangers executive team and board that this deal does represent good value to Rangers. Club 1872 is entirely satisfied that supporters can once again meaningfully contribute to Rangers success through the purchase of replica kits and other items.

As has previously been the case we would recommend that, where possible, supporters purchase items from the Rangers Megastore or direct from Rangers’ online platforms. As the official statement from Rangers and Sports Direct makes clear, purchases from these outlets are the most profitable to the club.

As we look forward to the new season, Club 1872 would like to thank our members for their continued support and would ask that other Rangers supporters consider joining Club 1872 to assist with the process of taking our great football club back to the pinnacle of Scottish and European football.

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