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Thank you

On the eve of our historic 55th Scottish Premiership title being presented at Ibrox, the Club 1872 board wants to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our members for your unwavering support of both Rangers and Club 1872 over the past few years.

This title is for every Rangers supporter who stuck with the club through some of the darkest times in its history. A lesser club and lesser supporters would not have found a way back from the damage that was inflicted. Club 1872 members were instrumental in assisting Dave King in his takeover of the club and since that day have been responsible for contributing over £2m directly into rebuilding Rangers. You also helped to remove Mike Ashley from our club. Despite approximately £60m being invested into the club since 2015, Club 1872 has remained one of the major shareholders in RIFC because of your dedication and commitment.

We are sure that many a tear of joy will be shed tomorrow when the trophy is lifted at Ibrox. Whilst we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Steven Gerrard and the players for what they have achieved, this is also a victory for us – the supporters who stood by our club through thick and thin. Every Rangers supporter has contributed a huge amount to the success of this season and Club 1872 members have done even more by working to ensure our club never experiences the dark days of 2012 again.

Over the next few years Club 1872 has the opportunity to guarantee that supporters always remain able to participate in the major decisions affecting our club. Recent events have demonstrated that is absolutely crucial for Rangers’ future health and security. The Club 1872 board will be working tirelessly to spread that message in the hope that more and more Rangers supporters will realise how essential the aims of our organisation are.

In the meantime, enjoy your celebrations this weekend. Each and every one of you has helped Rangers become Champions again. We have all earned it. Here’s to the Champions. Here’s to us. 

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