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Tom Vallance Painting Unveiled

Last week Club 1872 Directors, Euan Macfarlane, Joanne Percival and Laura Fawkes attended the unveiling of the Tom Vallance painting, which Club 1872 part-funded as a project. Iain McColl from the Founders Trail and ex-player Davie Wilson unveiled the painting. The event was also attended by ten Club 1872 members who’d entered a draw to win tickets to see this important part of our club’s great history unveiled.

This painting is a priceless part of our club’s history which dates back to 1890. Due to the fantastic work of the Founders Trail, this self-portrait by legendary captain Tom Vallance, who played with Rangers from 1874 to 1882, was discovered within Ibrox. It had unfortunately suffered some damage and neglect. Club 1872 was delighted to take the opportunity to help have it restored and hung prominently within the stadium.

The restoration work was carried out by Helen Runciman. A lifelong Rangers fan, Helen’s paintings are amongst the finest sporting art available. Her painting, The Gallant Pioneers featuring the club Founders hangs proudly at the top of the Marble staircase alongside some of her other work including Bill Struth, Walter Smith, Jock Wallace and her version of Tom Vallance. These all overlook the incredible bronze bust she created of Sandy Jardine. The restoration of the Tom Vallance painting involved cleaning, repairing and reframing the painting, which is now placed in a prominent position at the top of the marble staircase.

Euan Macfarlane spoke to Rangers TV about Club 1872’s part in restoring the painting.

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