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Update on Meeting with Stewart Robertson

Following our update last week, Club 1872 is disappointed to report that our planned meeting with Stewart Robertson on Monday has been postponed.

We understand that there are pressing matters that require Stewart’s attention – not least of which is the ongoing process of appointing a Director of Football and/or Manager. It is absolutely correct that this should be his priority until a satisfactory outcome is achieved. However that does not lessen our desire to seek clarity on what we feel are some very important questions regarding the future direction of Rangers and the current situation the club finds itself in.

The Club 1872 board shares the concerns of a growing number of our members over a perceived lack of progress both on and off the park and believes it would be in the interests of all parties to address those concerns sooner rather than later.

Having communicated this to Stewart Robertson, he has agreed that the meeting will go ahead before the match on Wednesday 1st March.

Club 1872 operates solely for the benefit of the Rangers community, our members and the football club we all support. We remain committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with Rangers and will update our members with details of those discussions after Wednesday’s meeting.

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